Promising Data about Aficamten Presented at Meetings

Encouraging data about the Cytokinetics investigational drug aficamten was presented over the weekend at 2 scientific meetings held in Washington D.C.

The inaugural Scientific Sessions of the newly formed HCM Society took place on Friday, while the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) Annual Scientific Meeting continues through October 3.

Both meetings featured presentations of data from the REDWOOD-HCM Open Label Extension trial.  The REDWOOD trial is a Stage 2 clinical trial of the second generation myosin modulator aficamten.

The HCM Society presentation showed that a significant number of patients on aficamten were able to discontinue one or more background drugs which they had been taking together with aficamten to address their symptoms.

The HFSA presentation, given by Dr. Sara Saberi of the University of Michigan’s HCM Center, showed that in addition to seeing a substantial reduction to left ventricular outflow tract gradients, patients self reported significant improvements to their symptoms and their quality of life. The improvements were evidenced through questionnaires filled out by the patients after 24 weeks on aficamten.

Cytokinetics is currently enrolling patients with symptomatic obstructive HCM in its Stage 3 trial of aficamten, called SEQUOIA – HCM, while they continue looking at the impact of aficamten on non-obstructive HCM in cohort 4 of the REDWOOD-HCM trial.

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3 thoughts on “Promising Data about Aficamten Presented at Meetings

  1. RE: REDWOOD Cohort 4.
    Thanks so much for this information on the Aficamten trial. I had no idea that Cohort 4 was recruiting HCM pts without obstruction INCLUDING those who have had septal reduction more than a year ago!!! There are 22 sites involved in the research and enrollment is still open as far as I can tell. None of the sites are near Denver but I have family in Chicago and Northwestern is one of the sites. So who knows? maybe it will work out? I have to check on a couple “possible” disqualifying issues.


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