Exercise Restrictions Distressing for HCM Patients

A recent study by Stanford’s HCM Center found that HCM patients whose exercise options have been limited  by the disease may find it difficult to adapt to their newly restrictive lifestyle.  The researchers found that it was very important for patients to fully understood their restrictions and limitations.

Interacting with other HCM patients in the greater HCM community provided an effective way to obtain social support and information which supplemented that obtained from health care providers.

Do Elite Athletes Provide Clues About HCM?


During the Olympics we all gather around our television sets to watch the best athletes in the world compete against each other and we wonder how it is that they can humanly perform at such a high level?

This feature story about Stanford HCM Clinic’s Dr. Euan Ashley provides us with an interesting overview of the research Dr. Ashley is doing on high performance elite athletes with the hope that their genes may provide clues that will one day help to help treat those of us with HCM and other genetic heart conditions.