Jardiance for HCM Patients?

A recent study published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that patients with non-obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and diabetes showed significant improvements to diastolic heart function and BNP (a hormone produced by the body which indicates heart wall stress) from the use of a drug used for diabetes known as a sodium glucose co-transponder 2 inhibitor (SGLT2).  

This class of drugs is commonly used to lower blood sugar in diabetics.  One SGLT2 in common usage is Jardiance (empagliflozin).

Since treatments for non-obstructive HCM patients are so limited, this class of drugs presents a potential treatment opportunity for non-diabetic HCM patients as well. 

Hey all you researchers out there – sounds like a good clinical trial!

2 thoughts on “Jardiance for HCM Patients?

  1. Hi Cynthia. Good work again. FYI my husband has been on Jardiance for a few months for non obstructive hcm and no diabetes. This is not part of a clinical trial. No results to report but there are cardiologists prescribing already.


  2. My Cardiologist has suggested Jardiance to me to help my with diastolic dysfunction for over a year. However, being a diabetic I had been on Jardiance to treat my diabetes several years earlier. I discontinued it because of one of it’s common side effects, chronic vaginal yeast infections. One of the ways Jardiance lowers blood sugar levels is by causing the kidneys to excrete large amounts of sugar. This in turn sets up a situation ripe for yeast overgrowth.
    I wonder though, if the HCM patient is not diabetic if this would even come up??
    It’s amazing how much has changed for HCM in the last 10-15 years!! I’m so happy for the HCM generation coming up behind us that will have all these choices.


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