Worse Exercise Capacity in Women with HCM

According to this recent study looking at exercise capacity in patients with HCM, women with HCM demonstrated reduced exercise capacity when compared to men.  This paper theorizes that the differences are likely attributable to passive diastolic properties and that these could aid in the development of interventions specifically targeted for women.

3 thoughts on “Worse Exercise Capacity in Women with HCM

  1. Every time I see a research article identifying the differences between men and women I applaud! AND I usually share it with a friend that has a well researched blog called Myheartsisters.com Heart Disease in general is very under researched when it comes to these differences.
    As a female with HCM, CAD and exercise intolerance; I want to shine a light on iron deficiency anemia.Iron deficiency anemia is very prominent in women, even post menopausal women and can reduce our borderline exercise tolerance to zilch!! I’m in the midst of getting a second round of IV iron so maybe I can make my bed without getting SOB.

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