Apical Aneurysm is Risk Factor for HCM Patients

A recent retrospective study of patients at Minneapolis Heart Institute and Tufts Medical Center published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that HCM patients who also had left ventricular apical aneurysms were at increased risk of sudden cardiac death and stroke.  However, with increased surveillance and appropriate treatment, including the implantation of a implantable defibrillator, radiofrequency ablation and/or anti-coagulation, as appropriate, the authors suggest that the increased risk can be neutralized.

A summary of this article can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Apical Aneurysm is Risk Factor for HCM Patients

  1. Thanks for posting this study. My not terribly respectful response to Dr. Maron is… “Duh!”

    When you have a presentation of HCM where the left ventricle looks like an hourglass and the lower globe doesn’t empty, blood clots will form. The clots can travel to other body parts and wreak havoc. The blood clot itself can grow too large to make it out of the left ventricle and further reduce the volume of blood circulating with each heartbeat.

    My question to Dr Maron: why not just fix the problem? Increased surveillance for the rest of your life is a terrible way to live.


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