Should Alcohol Septal Ablation Be Considered for Younger Patients?

Some doctors argue that the indications for alcohol septal ablation procedures in patients with obstructed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy should be expanded to include younger patients.

Septal Reduction – Not a One Size Fits All

A recent article published in the European Journal of Cardiology Heart Failure compares septal myectomy to septal alcohol ablation. The article emphasizes that proper patient selection for either procedure is key.

Seniors Do Well After Myectomy

A recent study of Medicare patients conducted by doctors at the Cleveland Clinic found that senior citizens who underwent septal myectomy had better long term survival and did not need repeat procedures compared to those who underwent septal alcohol ablation.

Longer Term Results for Mavacamten

Dr. Milind Desai of the Cleveland Clinic announced at last weekend’s AHA Meeting that after 32 weeks of mavacamten treatment, patients continued to see positive results such that 88% of patients enrolled in the study were able to avoid a septal reduction procedure. 

Could Septal Reduction Outcomes Vary by Gender?

A retrospective analysis recently published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions suggests that the risks of septal reduction therapy may differ for men and women.